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I began my interest in Australian Kelpies in 1990 when I bought an 8 week old kelpie cross female, Jessica. She was the best thing that ever happened to me, my best mate,  and we were always together. At age 7 and a half she got diabetes and the hardest decision in my life had to be made. Diabetes in an extremely active dog is difficult and her quality of life was dramatically reduced. She is now buried on our property under a big gum tree. This is still difficult to talk about. She was my best friend. Then came the job of replacing the hole in my life.

I wanted a pure bred Australian Kelpie but did not know where to start. At the time I was not aware of the Canine Control Council and the breeders that can be contacted through them. In December 1997 I was showing my horse at Dalby and a guy there was selling working bred Australian Kelpie puppies. A cute little red girl was in the cage, I fell in love with her, so she came home with us. I named her Dash (after Dash in Blue Heelers). I found out about our local obedience club and we started going after she got her last needles. Through the club we started competing in "Handler Trials" (obedience and agility trials for non-papered dogs). Dash now has her CD title (Novice Obedience) her JD title (Novice Jumpers) and her AD title (Novice Agility). These titles have gained under the ANKC banner in NSW, we are hoping to continue on with the CCCQ in 2004 when the Associate Register is started up.

Through the obedience club I found out about the CCCQ and purebred Australian Kelpie breeders. I contacted Leeanne and Barry Nalder of Linbarlee Kelpies and the decision was made that I would purchase my first purebred dog. Tammy (
Linbarlee Killarra) came to live with us at 8 weeks old in October 2000. Tammy now has several titles to her name for obedience and agility as well as competing in herding and showing.

Leeanne and Barry Nalder had another female they had been showing successfully and were wanting to get her in the obedience ring, so she came to live with us as well. Sammy (AUST CH Linbarlee Limited Edition) is a half sister to Tammy. I brought her home after winning Best of Breed at the Brisbane Royal in August 2001 and she turned 2 in September. She has been a pleasure to train and after only 10 weeks gained her Sweepstakes qualification, after only 3 trials has her CD title and soon after started competing in Agility. In less then a year Sammy gained 4 titles. CD AD JD and ET, which are her Novice Obedience, Novice Agility, Novice Jumpers and Endurance. Great feat for a 'showgirl'.

The girls and I love doing demonstrations with the Redlands Dog  Obedience Club and the Cattle Dog & Kelpie Club QLD and take any opportunity we can to promote the Australian Kelpie as the fantastic family pet and performance dog it is. We have attended demos such as Brisbane Ekka  (1999, 2000, 2001), Brisbane Ekka Volunteers Parade (2001), Brisbane Pet Expo (2001, 2002), Redlands Strawberry Festival (1999, 2000, 2001) Million Paws Walk (2001) Australia Day Parade (2002) Demo in Queen Street Mall (2003) as well as numerous local School and Church fetes. Look out for us at future venues!!

It is now 2014 and this seems all so long ago yet still only like yesterday. So much has happened since my early days of involvement. I bred Tammy and got an exceptional litter, namely my girl Phoenix who has gone on to be an awesome show dog and at 10 and a half years old is still knocking them dead. I sent a litter brother to France and later her sister Lexi and mother Tammy to Sweden. Phoenix is now a Grand Champion, multi Best in Group, Runner up in Group winner as well as Best in Show Specialty and Best in Show All Breeds.

Her son Jasper has given me much joy. He has such a beautiful temperment and after a successful show career and gaining his Grand Champion Title, he is now competing in Herding Trials. He has his HSAs and HSBs titles. He is the first Grand Champion Australian Kelpie to achieve these titles. He is now in training for agility.

I now also have Jasper's son Jeremy. A darling boy full of life and mischief. He is starting his show career, as well as obedience, agility and herding training. Will be looking forward to seeing what his chosen career will be.

I have bred a few litters along the way, have some beautiful dogs exported overseas, some in show homes and the rest in lovely pet homes. I am so proud of what I have achieved for my breed so far. 

I enjoy having Australian Kelpies around, they are so eager to please, so loyal and so full of life. I couldn't imagine life without them.



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