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Kelpie Colours

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The Australian Kelpie comes in 7 colours (ANKC). These are Black, Black & Tan, Red, Red & Tan, Chocolate, Smoke Blue and Fawn. The smoke blue is a dilute of black and the fawn is a dilute of red or chocolate. Most people would have black and tan or red and tan (also known as two tones) in their minds when they think of kelpies. These are the most common colours for working kelpies. Fawn & tan and Blue & tan can also be found in working kelpies. I have bred 5 of the colours and I am creating my foundation for breeding quality two tones. The red and tan puppy "Fire" is a son of my boy Jasper.

Shamus is a solid black.
Smoko is blue (dilute of black)
Phoenix is red.
Devin is fawn (dilute of red)
Trinity is chocolate
Sam is Red and Tan



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