Suthenskys Australian Kelpies

Previous Litters

'Single' Litter 2012


DOB: 01/09/2012


Phoenix (GRAND CH Suthenskys Satisfaction HT) to Lucky (Mimbil Anzac Gallipolli)




Suthenskys Single Me Out (Blue)

'Buddy' is now living with a family on the Sunshine Coast





The 'Shameless' Litter

DOB: 01/12/2009


Phoenix (GRAND CH Suthenskys Satisfaction HT) to Shamus (CH Suthenskys Shamelesstar CCD CD)


Born in the early hours of December 1st, we have 1 choc girl, 2 choc boys, 1 black girl, 1 black boy . This is my first Suthenskys to Suthenskys litter! Shamus is a gorgeous black dog with a fantastic temperment, he is also doing well in obedience and is nearly ready for the agility ring, he is showing alot of promise in herding and already has his first Pass in PT. Phoenix is a Grand Champion show dog who has excelled in the showring ...All pups are sold.

 Suthenskys Shameless Success
CH Suthenskys Shameless Scandal
Shameless Shadow
Shameless Scamp
Shameless Special


 Photos of pups at 7 weeks


Sirena - choc girl - Staying with me

Mary - black girl - staying with me

Bentley - choc boy - now living with the Weir Family

Burleigh - black boy - now living with the Bennett family

Bailey - choc boy - now living with the Chandler family


The 'Super' Litter

DOB: 04/12/2009

Trinity (CH Suthenskys Supernatural) to Buddy (Wilsonia The Wrangler)

Trinity and Buddy are the proud parents to 3 gorgeous new babes. 2 choc males and 1 choc female, born 4th December.  Photos to come soon. All pups are sold.

Suthenskys Super Spark - Sparky

Suthenskys Super Mario - Yoshi

 CH Suthenskys Superstition - Ruby

 Puppies at 11 & 12 weeks old

Sparky - Choc Boy - now living with the Graham Family


Yoshi - Choc Boy - now living with the Russell Family


Ruby - Choc girl - now living with the Einam Family


The 'Single' Litter 

Born the 14th April 2009, Phoenix whelped 1 chocolate male via caeserian. He was a huge 570g born.

So please welcome 'Jasper' - Suthenskys Single N Luvn It


Sire: CH KLA Rebels Beau                                              Dam: Grand CH Suthenskys Satisfaction HT



Jasper at 9 weeks of age.

 Click here for more info on Jasper



Jessie and Nicko's babies arrived - 13th June 2007. 1 black male, 1 black female, 2 choc males, 2 choc females. Mother and babies are doing well. All pups are sold and are now in their new homes.

This is a repeat mating of the 'Star' litter. Please see below in the Star litter section for photos of how those babies are growing up. And yes, they will eventually grow into their ears !

Sire: CH Callicoma Ricoh                 Dam: CH Linbarlee Arkadia

Nicko, a very handsome dad at 8 years old.


Meet the 'Supernatural' litter

CH SUTHENSKYS SUPERNATURAL - 'Trinity' - choc female now living with Einam family in Perth

SUTHENSKYS SORCERESS - 'Ochre' - choc female now living with Karen in Brisbane

SUTHENSKYS SECOND SIGHT -  'Bella' - black female now living with Crase family in Elimbah

SUTHENSKYS SHAMAN - 'Kip' - choc male now living with Kelly and her family in Brisbane

CH SUTHENSKYS SORCERER - 'Merlin' - choc male now living with Helene in Brisbane

SUTHENSKYS SIXTHSENSE - 'Jet' - black male now living with Bolton family in Wamuran


Merlin - 12 weeks old                                     Merlin - 7 months old (just won Best Minor Puppy in Show!)


Shaman (Kip)


Supernatural (Trinity)                                                      Sorceress (Ochre)

Sixthsense (Jet)                                                             Second Sight (Bella)


 The 'STAR' litter

Litter born 5th December 2006.


Sire: CH Callicoma Ricoh                         Dam: CH Linbarlee Arkadia




6 beautiful healthy babies - 3 black males, 1 choc male, 1 black female, 1 choc female.


Meet the 'Star' Litter

CH SUTHENSKYS SHAMELESSTAR CCD CD PT - Shamus (Black Male) exp to France



SUTHENSKYS STAR LEGEND - Levi (Chocolate Male)





SHAMUS - 7 months & 13 months

Levi - Choc Male - living with John Hunter, Gold Coast * Lily (choc female) & Indy (black male) - living with Jo Enders, Brisbane

Storm - Black Female - living with Carlie & Kevin Cox, Narangba


Turbo - Black Male - living with Cassie & Brendan, Calamvale



Indy and Lily, such beautiful babies



2005 litter

Sire: CH Linbarlee Hondo

Dam: GR CH Suthenskys Satisfaction HT

SUTHENSKYS SPEECHLESS - choc female 'Callista' originally stayed with us but now rehomed in Bundaberg

SUTHENSKYS SYMBAL - choc female 'Jazz' living at Mt Tarampa

SUTHENSKYS SIGNORINA - choc female 'Cluny' living in Brisbane

SUTHENSKYS SAGIRA - choc female 'Sadie' living in Brisbane

SUTHENSKYS SUNNYGIRL - choc female 'Sunny' living in Finland

SUTHENSKYS SIZZLER - choc male 'Taz' living on the Gold Coast

SUTHENSKYS SALUTE - choc male 'Major' living in Tamworth

SUTHENSKYS SANDFIRE - choc male 'Jack' living in Brisbane

 2003 litter



Sire: GR CH Mountainmist Mandingo HT

Dam: CH Linbarlee Killarra CD ET ADX JDX HIT (exp Sweden)


GR CH SUTHENSKYS SATISFACTION HT - red female 'Phoenix' stayed on at Suthenskys Kennels

SUTHENSKYS SEDUCTION - choc female 'Lexi' now living in Sweden

SUTHENSKYS SPIRIT - choc female 'Scamp' lives in America

SUTHENSKYS SERENADE - choc female 'Telika' living on the Gold Coast

SUTHENSKYS SUNSHINE - fawn female 'Bambi' now living at Warwick

SUTHENSKYS SUMMIT - red male 'Perth' living in France

SUTHENSKYS SENSATION - blue male 'Bob' living with a family at Pine Mountain



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