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Photo: Shamus (exported to France!)


These are my boys that are available to Stud. As a member of Dogs NSW, I must follow the Code of Ethics that states I may only let my dogs out for breeding to females that are Purebred and registered with an ANKC state boy ie Dogs NSW. If your girl is not registered with Dogs NSW (on the Main Register) or a similar state body, then I'm sorry but I cannot Stud my boys out to your girl.

Breeding is something that should be looked into carefully. Not something done at the last minute just because your girl has come into season now and you think you might like to have some puppies to sell and make money. It doesn't work like that and I will not be a part of it. If you have a female that you are wanting to breed in the future and you are doing it for the right reasons.. ie betterment of the breed. Then I will be more than willing to help you out and discuss which of my boys would be best for your girl. Just because you like one of them, he may not be suitable to your girl. Pedigrees are a big part of breeding, along with confirmation. You need to be aware of your girls good and bad points so we can produce the best possible puppies for you. And obviously, if none of my boys suit, then I will put you onto other breeders who might have a dog that would match your girl.

So please study your girls pedigree then have a look at my boys. You are more than welcome to come meet the boys, just as I would like to meet your girl.

Sometimes, if your girl has something to offer my breeding program, I may ask for a puppy from your litter instead of charging the stud fee.




GRAND CH Suthenskys Single N Luvn It HNAs HSBs

DOB: 14/04/09

Sire: CH KLA Rebels Beau (chocolate)

Dam: Grand CH Neut CH Suthenskys Satisfaction HT (red)

Jasper is a stunning dog with an exceptional temperament. He was the only pup in his litter and what a pup he has turned out to be. He has far exceeded my hopes and expectations from this mating. Jasper was a consistant winner in the showring. He has gained his Australian Grand Champion title and excelled in herding, having gained his HNAs and HSBs titles. His pedigree is studded with Grand Champions. This special boy would be an asset to anyone's breeding program. He has excellent confirmation and easy, ground covering movement and a wonderful temperment as well. Jasper is a red dog, who carries a little two-tone in his pedigree. To the right girl he could throw some colour. His sire has fathered many two-tone pups and his mother carries two-tone through her dam line. 

He has had semen sent to Norway and Canada.

Hipscored - 3/3, Australian Grade 2, International Grade B1

Elbows 0/0

Full Dentition.

Heart checked at 5 years old, no murmurs detected.

NEWS FLASH !! Jasper has sired a litter of 5 puppies.. 2 of which are Red and Tan!

For more information on Jasper as well as his pedigree - click here

Jasper is available to stud to approved females for $1000.


















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